The goals of developing a business plan: Internal use - planning the launch of a new or development of existing business, resource allocation, concentration of efforts of personnel for working on the project. External use - raising capital for business development, the involvement of partners.


Marketing consulting is a set of projects on the development and implementation of measures, methods and tools for effective impact on the market. The result of these projects - the most favorable place at the market, which only allow the resources of our client. Effective marketing is the basis for the success of any company.


Online business has been one of the most successful businesses throughout the world. Over millions of consumers are surfing on the internet and about millions of dollars are being generated per day. We provide:



Since 2010, our company has an office for providing consulting services not only in the US but in 9 countries. Our experts for many years fruitfuly work in the European market of consulting services.

Today the company offers a full range of consulting services in all the countries, including work that requires personal presence of highly skilled experts on the territory of the client company, regardless of its location.


Personal marketer

You have a business - we have a team that can help you increase efficiency and achieve outstanding results. For 9 years in internet marketing and online business development, we can ensure that contacting us, you will get a reliable partner, focused on providing high indicators for your web project: growth of conversion and therefore sales, profits.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Today there are many online channels, using which you can attract thousands of visitors to the site, increase the conversion of web design, and regularly develop business on the Internet. But in order to use online marketing tools as efficiently as possible, and do not spend wasted budget, you need to create a strategy for internet marketing.

Creating a site for the company

In connection with the departure of consumers to the Internet, having own representation in the network has become a mandatory item in the list «must have» for business representatives. Once you have accessed this page, you probably thought about expanding your busiiness outside offline. And it's the right decision!

Contextual advertising PRO

Contextual advertising is famous for the fact that it can help quickly bring customers to the site. In fact, everything is a bit more complicated, and making the source of traffic bring you sales and profits, takes time and expertise to configure. As our customer, you get results - traffic and sales.

Integrated promotion of site

Effective can be considered only that site, that meets the business objectives of the owner. And with this issue without SEO you can’t cope. After all, every day there are hundreds of online sites a single subject, and to win the hearts of customers, it is necessary to make every effort in order to make your site successful.

Creating internet portal

Internet portal is a web-site that contains a variety of interactive services (search, mail, news, forums, service, voting, etc.)functioning in the framework of this site. The more interesting and useful information on the resource, the more comfortable structure- the more people will come to it every day.


This section provides information on the jurisdictions that are used in international tax planning, the types and terms of reference for the activity in their companies, including offshore.

During 9 years of our work in the market, more than 50 large and medium-sized companies, which operate in five areas of expertise - agriculture sector, civil and industrial construction, the introduction of information technology.

There are three major roles of online consultancy for every business, which are online business plan, website review and marketing optimization, and consultation. These services will surely get your website on top.